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Green Innovation Eco-thon 2019
Individual Registration Form

The Eco-thon is open to anyone who is currently registered as a college or university student within the Sultanate of Oman and has an interest in looking into sustainable solutions for the future of Oman. The individual does not need to have a science background, in fact marketing, business and finance students are all encouraged to participate. The more diverse a team is the higher the likelihood of taking a holistic approach to solutions.

Shortlisting will be based on information provided in the registration form and will be  judged on:
1. Innovation
2. Environmental solution    
3. Marketing                      
4. Economic viability            

Terms and Conditions

The registration deadline is 30th September 2019; only 100 individuals will be accepted and evaluated based on competitiveness of applications. Applications should be filled to the best level of accuracy as details cannot be changed once submitted. You may register as a team or individual participant. ESO will respond back on whether your application has been accepted by 6th October, 2019.



Unfortunately, as of September 30th, the registrations are closed.